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Here’s the story


Mind Your Grind is a site about my path of self discovery with the intent to help others do the same. At some point in our lives we all know who we want to be, the things we want to do, the people we want to be surrounded by, and we gather a vision for our lives. Things like the partner we want in life, the children we want to have, the things we will teach them, the job we want, the house we want to live in and the way we want to spend our time. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out that way for most of us.

For me, I ended up living a life I did not want. I thought this life was forced on me due to the system, society, my family, my friends, pretty much anyone but my self. Truth is, it was my fault. Truth is, it’s your fault too. Whatever life you are living right now, in this moment, it’s your fault, whether good or bad. Your current situation is the result of your past actions but this does not dictate your future.

My choices as a teenager led to me to being homeless for 6 months at the age of 17, not knowing where my next meal would come from, and no hope of living a successful happy life. I had given up on the vision I had for my self and accepted what I thought was going to be my life. I never was one to settle though. I was not going to settle for being broke, hungry, and dissapointed.

My situation coupled with my misguided ambition led me to make some bad decisions to make money which ultimately put me in even worse situations over and over. At the age of 19 I hit rock bottom in the backseat of a cop car. That moment is still so vivid in my mind. The feeling of desperation, adrenaline pumping, my heart thumping, and the police shouting at me. You know what I remember most though? A feeling of hope. Hope that reminded me of the vision I had for my life. But how would I get there? Well, due to what just happened I was given a couple years to think about that!

I started being honest about who I was and who I wanted to become. As time went on I became grateful for what happened. Grateful for being forced to recognize where my choices had gotten me. I left the old Nick in the back of that cop car and my path to self discovery had started.

Fast forward twelve years to 2019. My choices have gotten me the wife of my dreams, love you babe😘, two wonderful children, a place to call home, a business to call mine, the time to do the things I want, a great group of friends, and most importantly I am comfortable in my own skin. Mind Your Grind is all about finding your self and identifying the tools you can use to amplify who you truly want to be. For me, those tools are entrepreneurship, the gym, my diet, surfing, and meditation. You’ll see I write and share a lot about those topics because those are the things I do but that doesn’t mean those are things you have to do. These tools have certain elements to them that anyone can apply through a variety of methods. I will do my best to break that down into actionable steps that anybody can apply to any situation.

This is the story of my Hustle, the good and the bad. Welcome to MIND YOUR GRIND.