Meditation, Why I Do It Daily And Why You Should Start Now

Meditation has been somewhat of a hot topic these days as more people have become vocal about the benefits. I also think it’s one of those things that people talk about but never actually give it a shot.

Simply put meditation is one of the most effective methods of dealing with stress, improving focus, and overcoming other obstacles in your life. It is backed by science and it is also FREE!

I think a lot of people take it for granted because it is free and easy to do, myself included. If I have to pay for something I am more likely to stick to it but thats just me being stupid.

In 2017 I was feeling pretty stressed. We were switching up our business model, cash flow was terrible and I felt like I was starting all over. My stress over money led to stress at home. I started getting very irritable and everything was bothering me.

The house was never clean enough.

Laundry was always piling up.

I never wanted to cook but didn’t want to spend money going out to eat.

Business was never good enough. My work was never good enough. Nothing was ever enough.

Then I started having trouble sleeping which led to other health issues.

Ok, enough was enough. I made the decision to give consistent meditation a shot.

I decided to keep things simple and signed up for Headspace. I told myself that taking 10 minutes a day was well worth the potential benefit. I experienced the benefit the first session. At the end I could just feel the relaxation over my whole body. I felt calmer, relaxed, focused, and in control of the anxiety that led to all the issues mentioned previously.

It was not an instant fix though. The issue still came back but the longer I kept at the better I got. Meditation did not make my concerns away. It just gave me better control over them when the feelings came into play.

It was like I had more space in my mind between the time of the feeling and my reaction. I had time to think about it, analyze it, and act accordingly. I was no longer reactive. I became proactive.

I encourage everyone to give meditation a shot. It has helped me not only emotionally but also mentally. My ability to focus at work has greatly improved since adopting a regular routine.

If you decide to go for it add Shucetee (me) as a “Buddy” on Headspace and we can keep each other accountable!

What things do you think meditation could help in your life?

Can you spare 10 minutes of your time today to make it better?

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