Seeking the Path Less Traveled and Embracing the Struggle

In life we are taught to seek perfection and the school system gives us a mindset telling us to avoid mistakes, to avoid pain, and to avoid things that make us feel comfortable. Well, I am here to tell you that is bullshit.

One of the biggest struggles I ever faced in life was un-learning all the bullshit I was sold in school. I thought I had to always follow directions, alyways had to get things right and to avoid any choices that might lead me to make a mistake. This mindset that was being forced on me was in direct competition with my natural ambition.

I wanted to do great things for myself but I was being taught how to be the best person at following directions. I was being taught how to be a great employee but thats not what I wanted for myself. I hated doing what other people told me to do.

I wanted to be able to go surfing when the waves were good.

I wanted to be able to hang with my friends and have a good time.

I wanted to be able to spend time with my family on my own terms.

I did not want to have to request time off to do any of these things I loved to do.

How in the hell would I ever be able to live a life that though? Go to school, go to college, get a job. That is what I was taught. Problem was that there was no part of me that wanted any of that.

I had to seek The Road Less Traveled (great book) to get uncommon results. When my world came crashing down at 19 I was thankfully forced to walk a different path. I had no idea what the destination would be but I took it one day at a time and am happy with where I ended up.

I came to see my personal struggles as a blessing. I was grateful for the trouble I got in, grateful for the drug problems, and grateful for all my struggles. When you look at things from a postion of gratitude it changes everything.

That is what opened my eyes to all the bullshit around me. I forced myself into a situation where my world was shattered. The beauty in that is that now I was able to rebuild it my way, on my own terms, and I was determined to do it differently.

Now a days I see pain points as opportunity. Weakness in the gym? Thats just an opportunity to get stronger.

Found something in my business that is losing us money or taking too much time? Great! An opportunity to be more efficient!

My son having issues with something in school? Awesome, what a great learning opportunity for him!

Weakness is nothing but an opportunity for growth. It gives you something to focus on. It forces you to get better. So often we dont realize we have something to work on becuase we are comfortable.

When we get out of our comfort zone the magic happens, the growth happens, and we are able to exercise our true potential.

What situation in your life makes you uncomfortable? What is is trying to tell you? What is on the other side of that discomfort?

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