Stop dieting, start living. Time to be real with yourself!

Dieting is one of these most difficult things to do these days. We have way too many choices, information overload, and no one can really agree on what is the best diet. What makes dieting so hard is it is also tied to emotions. We will eat a certain way based on how we feel. It can be tough to get control of that.

Typically we make it to hard. We try to give up everything at once. We begin to imagine a life with no oreo cookies, cheesecake, and taco bell. NOOOO!!!!

But it doesn’t have to be like that. The better way to go about is to ADD things to your diet. Just forgot about taking things out, for now.

As far as the best diet? Well that really depends on you, your goals, and most importantly what you will stick to. If you have already applied knowledge in this field then in most cases the best diet is the one you see yourself sticking to.

For most of us following a way of healthy eating has more to do with the habits associated with eating, like cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping. You can’t just eat healthy.

You have to shop for healthy food.
You have to know how to read labels
You have to know how to cook
You need the right tools to cook
You need time to cook
Maybe you need to meal prep
Maybe you need to count calories
Cooking healthy typically require more cleanup so you have to make time for that
Got kids? Hmmm….shit just got more difficult!

These are all the things you are getting yourself into when you say “I am going to eat healthy”. It’s not just eating and if you don’t take time to figure out these habits then you will most likely give up and go back to your old eating habits. Once you tackle these habits then it becomes easier to take your health to the next level.

Now you can view diets as tools to achieve your goals.

Wanna lose weight with minimal exercise? Going Keto is a great choice but don’t think about doing the Keto diet before getting comfortable with measuring calories (keto flu anyone).

Wanna pack on some lean muscle? Great! A high protein diet is great for that. Where you gonna get that protein from though? How much protein have you been consuming now? Not sure? That’s ok, start with 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight.

Need to lose weight? Why? What is your reason for wanting to lose weight?

Whether people realize it or not they utilize diets as tools. Tools to accomplish things they want done. It’s a powerful tool and each diet should come with an instruction manual but they don’t . People see the results, not the process. They never master the habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Once you master the habits then it becomes easy. You start to enjoy what you are doing because it becomes a part of you. It becomes easier because you come top enjoy whats on your plate rather than hating it.

Now there are some things that can help you get off to a god start. Changing the way you eat is not easy but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be easy if you’re up for the initial challenge.

If you have decided to try dieting then I encourage you to develop a plan. Ask yourself:

•What is my goal for my diet?
•If weight based goal how long do I want to take to achieve it? Is my choice realistic?
•How do I want to feel while on this diet?
•Am I able to exercise? If not, why? If yes, how often?
•Is this a diet I see myself following long term?
•What eating habits do I need to give up? How will I give those up? Once a week, all at once, or once a month?
•What skills do I need to work on to make this diet simple to follow? How will I develop those skills?

Once you have a plan you can then determine how you will conquer that plan.

This is why there is no one diet for all of us. We are unique. We all have our own lives, our own goals, and our own amount of time to work on ourselves.

You need to to do something that works for you, not someone else. Just don’t bullshit yourself. You deserve better.