Get healthy without taking things out of your diet

Wanna get healthy but can’t imagine life without cookies, cakes, pizza, and all the other foods so many of us love to crave?

Well here is a crazy idea. Don’t do it. Don’t put the cookie down bro.

This is a little psychology trick for those of us that have a hard time changing some things in life.

When we think about things in terms of adding, not subtracting it just seems easier in our mind. Check this out:

Mean trainer: “Hey man you gotta stop eating pizza for dinner three times a week. You need to start eating chicken breast, broccoli, and white rice and don’t cook it with butter” 🤨


Trainer that gets it: Hey man, don’t worry about what your eating right now. Here is what I want you to do: For the next 7 days I want you to have a protein shake every morning. I want you to get 30 grams of protein each morning before your first meal. All you gotta do is shake it up in this bottle with water. What flavor you want? Chocolate Peanut Butter? Right on man, here ya go!” 😀

Now check this out. After 7 days you have more energy, less sugar cravings, and maybe you even notice your muscles have more shape. You go back to the guy and say “Hey man, I feel a lot better just by doing that, what else I can do?”

When we feel better, we make better decisions. This starts to shift our mindset and will boost willpower. Once this happens we can start considering taking some things out of our lives. Instead of pizza 3x a week, we drop it to 2, then 1

All while adding in new habits at the same time.

One year later all these small changes add up to something huge that will last a lifetime.