Deadlifts, Self Confidence, Goals, And Too Much Pizza

What do they have in common? The gym is a great place to build the habit of setting goals, actively pursuing them, and tracking progress. Accomplishing goals leads to well…a feeling of accomplishment which makes you feel better about yourself.

Hey Nick, what about the pizza part though, we want pizza 🍕

Well I used to push myself in the gym extra hard so I would feel better about eating too much, not a good idea. When they opened a Jets pizza near my house I used to go in pretty hard on the golden brown goodness that is their turbo crust. All that parmesean garlicky goodness expertly outlining the deep dish body of pizza 😋….Mhhhmmm… to put it bluntly I ended up sprawled out on my living room floor bloated like a beached whale and thought I was going to pop like a balloon.

No amount of gym could fix this, or could it 🤨…

The gym has been a constant in my life since I was 15 years old. It was a place where I could go that allowed me to easily live in the moment. As the years went on it was just that, a place to get away from all the bs in my life. There was no structure to it, no goals, no routine, just iron. As I got older that really did not cut it anymore, progress halted, and I got bored with it. My relationship with the gym faded but I still stayed pretty active.

When I really decided to make some changes in life I learned about the role that goal setting can play when it comes to feeling better about myself.

Back to the gym I went. I could set a goal and go accomplish it today, if I set it up that way. Then I set long term goals. Dead lifting double my body-weight was that long term goal.

So I started to learn about things like progressive overload, time under tension, ideal rest periods, proper from, the importance of sticking to a program, and tracking progress.

Going to the gym is a great thing to do. Exercise is great. Most people think of the gym in terms of how they look or want to look. What you do not hear a lot of is people discussing the mental benefits of the gym. There is solid science out there that explains how exercise effects us emotionally and mentally.

Not only that but you can use it as a tool to teach you how to set goals, manage expectations, hold yourself accountable, and track progress. These exact same things are critical to entrepreneurs. Honestly they are critical for everybody, no matter what you do for a living. We all have goals whether your realize it or not. We all have expectations too.

Its best to keep track of your goals, set realistic expectations, and track your progress. The idea of something I am working towards keeps me motivated every day. The milestones I hit in life remind me that I can accomplish the goals I set for myself.