Know Thy Self

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

— John C. Maxwell

Being yourself is not the first step. Knowing your self is. You can not truly BE yourself until you KNOW THY SELF.

To know what you are good at, what you suck at.

To know what you enjoy doing and do not enjoy doing.

To know what time of day you are most creative.

Knowing how coffee, exercise, diet, and stress effects your performance at work.

To know what work you can perform well in order to get the results you want ( car, house, time to travel, etc..)

The key is putting this together in the right away to use yourself as the best tool you have at your disposal to achieve your dreams and goals.

Knowing thy self is the first basic step to achieving you goals. Yet so many people miss it! You know why? Because so many of us are so concerned with being somebody else. BOOM

In life we are told to ignore our desires, sequester our true selves, and try to act the way someone else perceived as successful does. But you can’t just look at a Bill Gates and say I want to be like that!

You’re missing the whole picture. You’re missing the nights in the garage frantically trying to figure things out. You’re missing the failures, the mistakes, the heartache, the pain, the hustle, the days when we forgot to even eat, the isolation from friends, and so so much more.

You can’t just be Bill Gates. You have to hustle you’re ass off. But first, you have to figure out who you are.|

When you figure that out you can streamline your process. You will then know what tasks are best for you to perform and what tasks will be best suited for others.

This right here is actually simple stuff BUT I feel safe saying we all miss it. The majority of people are still missing it. Some of us have figured it out but the reason why it is so difficult is because we (humans) like to complicate simple things.

When I was a teenager I went through rough times. At the age of 19 I decided the pain of continuing my current life was greater than the pain that would be caused by changing. It was at that age that I began my path of self discovery. Even then it took me another 5 years to even get my shit together, go through even more painful situations, and then I figured it out….

It’s all about the journey, not the destination

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