Why You Should Use Tactical Arbitrage To Source Products

I have tested a few different sourcing programs for my online arbitrage business. For me the clear winner is Tactical Arbitrage. If you are looking for a tool to take your sourcing to the next level, look no further. Not only is the tool powerful but it comes along with everything else you want in a product:

1. Great customer service. Got a question? You will get response in less than 24 hours.
2. A thriving Facebook community full of valuable information and helpful people.
3. Constantly being updated based on customer suggestions. This program keeps getting better and better. I am always surprised by the things Alex Moss and his team roll out. It’s hard for me to keep up with all the updates.

Imagine being able to source 800+ sites while you sleep, filter products based on your own desired ROI, profit margins, category rank, estimated monthly sales, and pretty much any other factor you can think of. All that hard work and thinking you used to do manually can now be completed using Tactical Arbitrage. Not only is it going to do all that work for you but it is going to return your results in a beautiful easy to use and intuitive user interface. Not only does it crush the competition when it comes to the OA game but this tool can be used for wholesale sourcing, book sourcing, and even some private label product research.

 All valuable data is provided with intuitive links
All valuable data is provided with intuitive links

As you can see it returns a very clean looking interface that is highly customize-able. You can arrange the columns left to right how you see fit, hide any columns, filter out anything less than $3 in profit, less than 50 sales a month, and anything else you can think of. You can also sort your columns which is an excellent feature to make your product analyzing as efficient as possible. Not only does this team know how to build great software but they know the ins and outs of selling on Amazon. In my opinion that is what makes this is a great piece of software. It truly is built with convenience in mind.

The ability to run large scans and then filter those results however you see fit is the real power of this program.

Check this out: You can even get notified by text when a scan is complete!? I prefer to have my team notified via Slack but the choice is yours. Like I said they thought of everything.

I thought about writing a post about why I recommend using Slack as your team communication tool but I can not really figure out why I love it so much. There is just some sort of secret sauce they have figured out. It reminds me of text messaging but for business. It is very intuitive and integrates with everything. Check it out.

To get started with Tactical Arbitrage go here and use code MYG10 to get a 10 Day trial to test out the product. Anyone who signs up per my link can reach out to me directly for any advice. Plus be on the lookout for more posts on how to crush it using Tactical Arbitrage. Sign up for my email list to stay up to date on new tactics using this tool.