Embrace Mistakes

If you are worried about your own mistakes then you have already lost

— Gary Vaynerchuck

Let the mistakes happen. Mistakes are great learning experiences. The Road To Success Is Paved With Failure.

Are you trying to avoid mistakes? Are you seeking perfection without realizing it? Stop that shit – no body is perfect. You have a life to live!

The only thing worrying about mistakes does is delay action – which STOPS your success in its tracks.

How do you deal with the fear of of making a mistake? Move forward with so much strength, so much courage, so much confidence in you, your business, and your team that when a mistake happens it is like dust in the fucking wind and it DOESN’T EVEN MATTER!

For example – In 2016 we lost a source of revenue that paid a big chunk of our bills. I knew two years ago that this would eventually happen. When I realized this; I didn’t stop, I didn’t worry, and I didn’t get caught up in”What if” scenarios. I acted accordingly (not reacted there is a difference) and knew not to become dependable on this source.

What did I do? I pushed forward. I added more inventory to my store.I contracted out work so I could focus on growth. I contacted manufacturers and distributors. Built relationships and signed contracts. 

That source of revenue I lost? Dust in the wind. Worrying plays no role in my life or my business. It adds no value. It only robs you of valuable time.