How to Hire a Virtual Assistant for your Amazon Business

This post is up to date as of February 27th 2019. I will continously update this post as I discover new valuable methods for my readers…. Hiring a Virtual Assistant is an integral part of any Amazon business. The internet has given us a huge opportuntiy that every E-Commerce entrepreneur should leverage to grow their business. There are hundreds of thousands of qualified people looking for work all over the world. Which brings me to our second point of leverage, currency conversion. According to Payscale the average salary for a customer service rep based in the Phillipines will cost you about $383 a month or $2.39 per hour for a full time employee. Imagine all those menial tasks that have to be done everyday, no longer having to be done by you. No more data entry, no more checking on orders to see if they shipped or were cancelled, and no more creating shipments for products. Now you will be able to focus on high ticket purchases, creating a Private Label product, scaling your Online Arbitrage business, or having a few drinks with friends. The choice is yours!

Alright Nick! This all sounds real good but how do I implement this? I will get to that, I promise. I want to address one thing first: Another question I get has to do with people feeling concerned about possibly taking advantage of people in other areas of the world. Please drop this concern right here. Remember I am not some fake Amazon guru trying to sell you an expensive course. I am a real full time seller that has implemented everything I write about. My Filipino employees are very grateful for the work I have provided for them. They get to work at home on their own schedule, get paid directly via a payment method of their choosing, the opportunity to make an above average wage, and get to take part in a growing team where they can feel valuable and welcomed. This is a win-win situation for everyone when the system is implemented correctly.

Alright, ready to do it? Lets Gooo! First ready my post on “How to Scale Your OA business” This will help you get an understanding of the role and tasks you are looking to outsource. Once you have that you will then need to look for people to interview. These are the places I suggest looking:

1. FreeUp This is a great place to look for talent but it is more costly compared to other methods. If you have a specific more valuable role in mind then this is a good choice. Plus the owner will personally find you someone to interview shaving a lot of time off of the process. Instead of doing interviews for a week you could be done in 2 days. It will cost you though. You’re looking to pay at least $5-$7 an hour for an assistant here. Payment methods can be setup through Freeup via ACH, PayPal, and Credit Card.
2. Upwork – This is another great place to look with a lot of extra features. You can see work that they have previously done and reviews on the work done. You will have to personally vet the freelancers here. In my experience you are looking to pay at least $5.00 an hour. It will cost ya less than FreeUp potentially, but will definitely take more of your time. Payment is handled through the Upwork network.
3. Kaziwork – I found 2 great employees here. They are pre-vetted, trained, and they even have their own E-Commerce University program. The resumes on this site are great. They even have videos showing you the skills these freelancers have. You will have to do a little work yourself but your cost is going to start at $3.00 an hour for an employee. They do have a monthly fee but do provide value for that fee. You get access to ongoing support and they have on-boarding guides. Once you find an employee you can drop out of the monthly program. You will need to setup your own payment arrangement if you go with Kaziwork.

I recommend Kaziwork if you are looking to train your employee on how to do the work you want done. If you are looking for someone that has skills you lack then I suggest going with FreeUp.

Before I wrap up I want to cover payment methods. I suggest using Remitly. Remitly makes it very easy to send money and it also verifies that your potential employee is actually who they say they are. Setup and remittance is easy. Use this link to get a $15 credit in your account when you sign up!

Questions? Holla at me!

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